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    方块游戏"No, definitely. To-morrow. What time?"


    She looked him over as she always did before speaking to him.
    "Tell me everything you like," she said. "I'm proud that you should want to."
    Meanwhile Henry's plunge into a cold and hostile world was of quite another kind.


    1.Henry produced a red-bound exercise book. It was nearly filled with his childish and sprawling hand. There were also many blots, and even some farcical drawings in the margin.
    2.Mary turned upon him. "Henry, there are times when I positively loathe you. You're nearly the most detestable young prig in London—you would be if you weren't—if you weren't——"
    3.In this perhaps he was sentimental; nevertheless clearer-sighted than you would suppose. He knew that he had all his life before him, that many would come into it and would go out again, that there would be passions and desires satisfied and unsatisfied. But he also knew that nothing again would have in it quite the unselfish devotion that his passion for Christina had had. The first love is not the only love, but it is often the only love into which self does not enter.
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